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April 13, 2021: Open Agenda

Posted 4 days ago

Feel free to bring any web projects you’d like evaluated from an accessibility perspective or topics that are on your mind! (Please send us URLs for web sites/applications in advance so we can be prepared to discuss any issues or questions.)

We’re always looking for websites and topics to discuss! Email us any time and we’ll add your site/topic to the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

Tags: Open Agenda, Web Components, Accordions

March 9, 2021: Let’s talk navs!

Posted 1 month ago

Topic 1: Evaluating a jump menu implementation

The UIUC Tech Help Center has implemented a jump menu in the “Log In To” section of their landing page, taking inspiration from WebAIM's JavaScript Jump Menus recommendations. Bryan Jonker and Neeru Batura will join us to get feedback on this implementation.

Topic 2: Navigation menu for the new Accessible IT Group’s WordPress site

The Accessible IT Group will demonstrate the navigation menu they implemented for their WordPress website, including a walkthrough of both the interaction patterns and the code behind the menu that uses SVG graphics and CSS animations for indicating the actions and state of the menu items.

Tags: Navigation, JavaScript

February 23, 2021: Intro to WCAG 3.0 - Jeanne Spellman

Posted 2 months ago

This month’s Explore with Hadi meeting will be a little different. Instead of our normal meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, we invite you to join us for a special presentation on WCAG 3.0 on Tuesday, February 23, from 2-3PM Central Time. This presentation is truly a cross-campus collaboration, with folks involved in planning it from all 3 University of Illinois campuses and the System Offices!

Presentation information:

Recently the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published their working draft of the new Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which will go into effect in 2022 WCAG 3.0. These guidelines are extremely important as they are the basis for state and federal laws on accessibility, as well as UI policies. We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, February 23, from 2-3 p.m. Central Time Jeanne Spellman, co-chair of the WCAG 3.0 project, will be speaking to the UI System. Jeanne started developing web content in 1993, specialized in web accessibility, and then web accessibility standards. She co-leads the project to develop WCAG 3.0.

WCAG 3.0 will be a change from the previous guidelines to account for various emergent technologies. Jeanne will give a 40-minute talk on these changes and will leave about 20 minutes for questions and answers.

This presentation will have live captioning. It will be recorded and shared after the event.

If you wish to attend the event, please watch for announcements through various University of Illinois mailing lists or join the Accessibility mailing list to learn more.

Tags: WCAG, Standards

January 12, 2021: SkipTo.js v3 & onload modal focus management

Posted 5 months ago

Topic 1: SkipTo.js, a Modern Way to Implement the “Bypass Blocks” Accessibility Requirement

Providing a mechanism to bypass blocks of content has been an accessibility requirement from the early days of the web. Little has changed regarding the techniques used to satisfy the requirement over the past 20 years, while much has changed in the technologies of the web. SkipTo is a major advancement in implementing the “bypass blocks” requirement using existing document structural elements. Version 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the SkipTo code and a significant update to the user experience.

Come learn how to make your website more accessible to keyboard users and help everyone learn more about accessibility!

Topic 2: Focus management for onload confirmation dialogs

As it's becoming more common for many sites to automatically display a confirmation dialog on page load (especially with Cookie Notices), it's important to consider how to handle the browser's focus once that dialog is dismissed. We'll discuss the pros and cons of a few possible approaches.

We’re always looking for websites and topics to discuss! Email us any time and we’ll add your site/topic to the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

Tags: Skip Links, Modals, Focus Management

December 8, 2020: Data Reporting: Moving From Accommodation to Accessibility

Posted 5 months ago

Chris Lehman and Vance Martin will join us to discuss their work on making accessible Performance Metrics dashboards for the Board of Trustees. In consultation with Vance Martin, Chris enhanced embedded Tableau dashboards with the goal of moving from accommodation to true accessibility, with a special emphasis on the experience of screen reader users. Join us to learn about Chris' journey to more accessible dashboards!

Tags: Evaluation, Keyboard accessibility, Accessibility Success Stories