April 14, 2020: The Art of Accessibility Evaluation

This month Tim Offenstein will answer several questions about accessibility evaluation. How do we make sure our IT products are usable and functional for disabled audiences? Someone has to evaluate the product, ideally at an early stage of the development lifecycle, in order to ensure we're not creating obstacles in what we produce and purchase. How is this done? What process is used to create an Accessibility Report so that we can be reasonably certain our products are inclusive for all audiences?

September 10, 2019: What are your top ten tips for making accessible applications?

Hadi is preparing for an upcoming training where they will be discussing accessibility tips for various roles in the web project lifecycle (designer, developer, quality assurance, project manager, content manager, etc.). This has inspired our Explore with Hadi topic this month: what are your top 10 tips for making accessible web applications/sites for different project roles? For example, what are the 10 design tips that every UX/UI designer should follow? Similarly what about programmers? Or QA engineers?